Polkacipher wins the award for the Best Blockchain Project at the AIBC Europe Summit Malta

3 min readNov 24, 2021

The AIBC Summit has gained high repute as an event for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Emerging Tech and AI Conference attracting great minds and solution-driven projects from across the globe. The 2021 edition of the summit commerce on 15–19 November 2021 and has various awards dished out to remarkable projects in the blockchain space. However, amongst various other projects listed, Polkachipher bagged the award for the Best Blockchain Project, a category for which it was nominated. PolkaCipher won the award after nomination alongside other projects such as Concordium, CryptoPerformance, Orica, Blockchain Valley Virtual, and 5ire.

In recognition of projects with great possibilities to herald the blockchain ecosystem into a different dimension, Polkacipher comes first. Polkacipher is tailored towards uniting both the physical and virtual world through blockchain technology. The project focuses specifically on cross-chain oracles with interests in NFT privacy in regard to retail and business use cases. Polkacipher aims to provide privacy solutions for DeFi and NFTs, allowing businesses to take advantage of blockchain’s expanding use cases. Polkacipher’s market entry is quite timely, considering the hype around NFTs. By showing the possibilities of NFTs, Polkacipher may be shaping an emerging market segment in the blockchain.

With solutions such as NFTzie bridge that allows users to mint privacy-enabled NFTs. With the Polkacipher NFTzie, users can create an NFT on Opensea or Rarible on Ethereum Blockchain and sell it on the Binance Marketplace for BNB. such a remarkable solution helps bridge the gap of rising cost on minting NFTs. It’s little wonder that Polkacipher won the award for the best blockchain solution. Polkacipher is also partnering with other blockchain projects that are integrating the NFTzie solution to bring ease to minting NFTs.

About AIBC Summit

The AIBC Malta Summit is an event that displays an extensive selection of services and products while simultaneously offering a direct line of selection and interaction between some of the industry’s best brands. With a reputation of having a platform ideal for networking and providing an interactive hub lucrative for business opportunities, AIBC conferences offer start-ups a platform to pitch their business ideas and plans. The AIBC Malta Summit ensures that world leaders and industry stakeholders join hands to discuss the important aspects of the industry ranging from cutting edge tech to cryptocurrency.

About PolkaCipher

PolkaCipher is a privacy-preserving oracle network on the Polkadot Blockchain focused on bringing the use case of private NFTs to off-chain businesses and be a bridge for seamless integration to on-chain Defi apps.

PolkaCipher’s unique offerings help push the use-case of the NFTs in real-world scenarios while still being connected to a cross-chain network that is fair and accurate. PolkaCipher intends to achieve business goals by helping users transact privately and securely using NFTs as a mode of access to different decentralized apps (Dapps) and real-world business rewards.

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Cross Chain Privacy-Preserving Oracle Network Built on Polkadot Network