We would like to thank all of you for participating in our first meme contest. The submissions were great and the PolkaCipher team had a really difficult time ranking the memes as all of them were funny, creative, and on point!

The total prize pool of the meme contest was $150 USDT!

Congrats to the winners! We will get in touch with you shortly and will be asking for your TRC20 USDT wallet address on Twitter.

Stay tuned PolkaCipher family, we have more contests and giveaways coming up!

Let’s see the winners!

1st - $50 USDT

Truss Platform: PolkaCipher Staking and Rewards

Dear Ciphers, We are excited to announce the launch of the $CPHR LP Staking and Tokens Staking program on PolkaCiphers Truss Platform.

Users will now be incentivized to provide liquidity into CPHR/BNB PancakeSwap pool and for staking their $CPHR.

This Program aims to improve liquidity to facilitate easy buy/sell without high slippage, encourage the community to participate in improving the on-chain metric, and also earn fees when someone trades on CPHR/BNB pair.

A total of 700,000 $CPHR/month will be used to reward the liquidity providers who provide liquidity and the users who stake $CPHR. …

PolkaCiphers Truss Platform: An NFT Ecosystem

It's been quite a ride over the past few weeks right from raising funds from some of the most recognized venture capital funds in the industry to being able to successfully launch on a DEX.

PolkaCipher came to be on the very idea to make NFTs more accessible to businesses and focus towards commercialization of NFTs through our privacy layer that will enable not only businesses but users to be able to transact NFTs privately.

PolkaCipher has 5 main products:

1. Truss: A unique staking, Lending, and Mining Platform for NFTs.

2. CipherDex: A privacy-focused NFT DEX (decentralized exchange) where NFTs can be transacted by…

PolkaCipher is thrilled to announce that we will use the Polygon Network in our upcoming NFT bridge that will allow users to move NFTs from other chains to Polygon or vice versa as PolkaCipher aims to expand the applications of NFTs & DeFi via cross-chain interoperability.

We’re excited to announce after BSC the next chain that we’ll be integrating is Polygon.

Polygon, previously known as MATIC Network is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. It is an interchain scalability solution that gives an infrastructure for creating blockchain networks that can interface with each other…

It is fascinating how fast time flies! With the PolkaCipher IDO right around the corner, we hope everyone’s buckled up and ready for some fun!

We would like to share further details surrounding the token sale and listing.

IDO Details

The PolkaCipher IDO will take place on July 20th, so mark your calendar!
All $CPHR token sale details pertaining to the event are below:

IDO Date: 20th July 2021, 9:00 UTC
Public sale token price:$0.017
The maximum amount to be raised: $153,000
Initial market cap: $896,920

July 20th Sequence of Events

We have created a timeline for our PolkaCipher community to be aware of the important events…

Our aim is to expand the applications of NFTs & DeFi and their use-case in a business setting and also increase the reach of Web3 applications in the blockchain economy via seamless integration to our project.

The management team and expert advisors are at the forefront, pushing for the achievement of this dream. They are committed to building the gap between off-chain internet economy and on-chain blockchain decentralized application, using PolkaCipher that relies on verified vendors to provide accurate and trusted data.

It’s time for you to meet our very experienced team of professionals and management experts that are spearheading…

This is your all-in-one guide to prepare for the upcoming IDO on TrustPad.

We’re extremely excited to leverage TrustPad’s platform to help accelerate adoption and reach new audiences. For our PolkaCipher community, this is a great opportunity for you to become an early adopter and get your fair share of the $CPHR tokens.

The Whitelisting Process:

The TrustPad IDO will occur on July 20th, so there is a limited window of opportunity to get involved.

How to participate:

  • Fill out the whitelist form — to get the chance to join the Public Sale it is mandatory to complete the tasks listed in the form.
  • Each action/task…

To celebrate the IDO announcement of PolkaCipher, we’ll be running a 48- hour long social media giveaway.

We will be giving away $1,000 in USDT to the lucky winner that completes the following steps:

  1. Follow @polkacipher on Twitter
  2. Retweet this tweet on Twitter
  3. Tag two of your friends
  4. Join our Telegram channel
  5. Complete this form

At the end of the giveaway, we’ll be drawing only one lucky winner who is receiving $1000 worth of USDT.

The giveaway duration is from Wednesday, July 14th 12:00 UTC — Friday, July 16th 12:00 UTC. …

PolkaCipher is pleased to announce a partnership with NFTAlley, an avant-garde multi-chain marketplace for minting(creating), selling, and trading crypto-collectibles seamlessly.

As the NFT space continues to heat up with creators and collectors as well as investor money pouring into this sector, NFT Alley takes center stage by ensuring it positions itself as the go-to platform for creators and collectors with an intuitive interface for on-chain staking and native token integration with liquidity rich protocols across several chains.

While general consensus of the market is that NFT is an art collectible. That is not entirely true. NFTs are much more than…

PolkaCipher Meme Contest

Our IDO is fast approaching and we would like to celebrate the announcement of our token sale with you, the community.
We have decided to launch a meme contest on our social media with a total of $150 USDT in the prize pool.

Here is what you need to know to be among the lucky winners:

  • Create funny, unique memes about PolkaCipher and post them on Twitter with the hashtag: #PolkaCipherMeme and tag @polkacipher
  • Entries outside our Telegram group would not be accepted.
  • Do not copy another individual’s meme. You will be disqualified instantly.
  • No NSFW memes. Let’s keep it civil and respect others.
  • Polkacipher will not be responsible for any copyright infringement.

To be qualified for this contest:


Cross Chain Privacy-Preserving Oracle Network Built on Polkadot Network

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