PolkaCipher Announces Partnership with Tokenova

The team here at PolkaCipher is absolutely thrilled to announce a new partnership with Tokenova, a technical blockchain platform that turns ideas into reality through execution and network.

Their team is focused on accelerating the acceptance and adoption of decentralized technologies. Tokenova shares the same values and mission within the crypto, DeFi space as PolkaCipher, that’s why we are excited to welcome the team as a strategic partner.

Through this partnership, Tokenova will provide its influential network and innovative marketing strategies to accelerate a sustainable growth effect for our project.

Additionally, both teams will help organize and join virtual networking events in order to promote decentralized technology and cutting-edge solutions to a wider audience of potential partners, users, and investors.

Our collaboration with Tokenova will also assist us with growing our social media channels and attracting more engagement, which will help us educate users about our project and its value in the DeFi space.

About tokenova.

tokenova. is a group who want to encourage the adoption of blockchain technology into more of society to take advantage of the wealth of benefits it can provide — especially scientific, cultural, social, and charitable ventures. We’re very interested in the academic side of the blockchain ecosystem as well as using our multi-industry experience to help advise projects and really turn basic ideas into long-term sustainable plans with real value. We focus on how companies create legitimacy and guide novel market creation (real-world anchors for novel technology). Within this, there’s an obvious theme of mass-market adoption so allowing for sustainable, organic growth of projects. Essentially a key offering to projects is business strategy and vision.

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About PolkaCipher

PolkaCipher is a Polkadot-based privacy-preserving oracle network focused on bringing the use case of private NFTs to off-chain businesses and being a bridge for seamless integration to on-chain DeFi apps.

PolkaCipher’s unique offerings help push the use-case of the NFTs in real-world scenarios while still being connected to a cross-chain network that is fair and accurate. PolkaCipher intends to achieve business goals by helping users transact privately and securely using NFTs as a mode of access to different decentralized apps (dapps) and real-world businesses.

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Cross Chain Privacy-Preserving Oracle Network Built on Polkadot Network