Why Choose PolkaCipher?

PolkaCipher is a Cross-Chain Privacy-Preserving Oracle in the Polkadot ecosystem that allows users to use the public blockchain but with full privacy in mind.

Our motto is “privacy is not a choice, but a right!” which leads us to the question, Why choose PolkaCipher?

The existing blockchain ecosystem has multiple options for transacting, staking, swapping, minting coins, tokens, and NFTs but none within the existing market allow for a user or a business to select an option where all that they do on the blockchain is private but using a public ledger for this option.

Let’s give you an example:

Business A wants to use the blockchain for its data storage capabilities, proof of purchases and sales, annual reports, data processing, and payroll, however, they do not want to publicly display all their internal data and actions where a competitor could replicate the way in which their business operates or profits.

PolkaCipher will enable Business A to use the blockchain for the stated purposes and while the data will be displayed on a public blockchain, the business data within the transaction will be obfuscated and encrypted from anyone that is not authorized or permitted to see within the transactional data stored on the PolkaCipher network. (Business A can give authorization to the tax and government to follow legal and regulatory access)

We do this by using our application that mints, trades, and swaps called: bNFT’s or “Business Non-Fungible Tokens”.

While the “NFT” market is large and currently vast full of creations from some of the most recognized artists and creators that have ever lived, their current use is just at the tip of their capabilities.
Non-Fungible Tokens have unlimited potential and we will look to explore all options and bring a new era of value, creation, and holistic use-case to the existing market and markets of tomorrow.

Our goal at PolkaCipher is to offer a cross-chain suite of applications that securely operate for the business and enterprise-level companies looking at the blockchain capability to scale to web3.0 with a fully community-owned and decentralized organization (DAO).

Another incredible advantage to the PolkaCipher ecosystem is the cross-layer cross-chain interoperability of blockchains.

In a nutshell, this means that whichever blockchains we create a bridge on, will operate on a layer 2 level enterprise-chain that can then be executed to the public ledger of say, Ethereum or Polkadot to form a fully compatible suite of applications to work with other blockchain companies offering corporate efficient technologies.

For digital collectibles, identity, supply chain, and complete business operations to be comfortable to move to web3.0, PolkaCipher’s technologies are greatly needed to make that reality, a reality.

Why The Need For PolkaCipher?

Over the years we have seen countless blockchain applications launch without the longevity or actual business scalability level in mind and all we see are short-term options, but at PolkaCipher, we already understand the needs from a business perspective, and our products will be designed and tailored with scalability and cross-network functionality in mind.

You can no longer build an application for Ethereum without the integration and scalability of cross-chain diversity of the Polkadot, Wax, Binance Chain, or other blockchains in mind.

We do not know what the web3.0 will look like or be in the next 5 years so we are prepared to be that central point of execution that can scale to follow all updates, upgrades, and folks in the blockchains in the future.

PolkaCipher is here at the pinnacle point in the web3.0 timeline and we welcome all applications current and in development to reach out to scale the blockchain world into an interoperable engine.

About us

PolkaCipher is a new generation privacy-preserving oracle network based on Polkadot. We aim to expand the reach of Web3 to real-world businesses.

Core features include NFT Privacy, a Data matching mechanism based on community autonomy, and general privacy protection for Defi apps.

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Cross Chain Privacy-Preserving Oracle Network Built on Polkadot Network

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Cross Chain Privacy-Preserving Oracle Network Built on Polkadot Network