PolkaCipher Partners With DeFi11 To Apply Advanced Benefits To The NFT Ecosystem

We are excited to announce the partnership with DeFi11, a DeFi powered decentralized gaming ecosystem built on top of Matic Blockchain with Ethereum as the base layer.

The global Fantasy Sports and Betting market is booming indirectly thanks to Covid-19 and the virtual market has already attracted millions of people. DeFi 11 primarily aims to solve the platform transparency issue which is still a major concern among gamers and bettors.

The partnership with DeFi11 will allow to further expand cross-chain technology and the associated use of emerging assets. The NFT marketing is booming and the solutions that PolkaCipher can provide to DeFi11 will be a crucial factor in the company’s NFT design.

We are optimizing community strength and adding economic incentives and penalties to provide Polkadot and other blockchain’s future cross-
chain business ecosystem with self-operating, self-organized data source components.

Our technology will be utilized by DeFi11 in multiple ways. We are able to capture dynamic changes in real-world events, automatically upload relevant data to the chain, instantly create NFTs, and support P2P transactions.

The DeFi powered decentralized gaming platform, DeFi11, by participating in the PolkaCipher NFT landscape will benefit from the following perks:

We will be also providing specialized minted NFTs that are given to users of DeFi11 game events. These NFTs will have time locks that can be further gamified by blocking gifts to these NFTs as keys so that they can be claimed after the game.

We are also looking into working on staking NFTs to allow others to use NFT until it burns out and collects related rewards in the future along with unmanipulated predictive market data.

The oracle of PolkaCipher’s can also generate untampered data that is open and transparent to reinvent the prediction markets. We, as PolkaCipher aim to commercialize NFTs and introduce new, everyday use cases of this booming technological solution. We are excited to get into a partnership with DeFi11, which has the same vision of NFTs and decentralized finance.

About DeFi11

DeFi11 is a DeFi powered decentralized gaming ecosystem built on top of Matic Blockchain with Ethereum as the base layer. The platform aims to establish ethical standards in gaming by making the system transparent, auditable and incentivizing. In this way, we are trying to bring more individuals to an already ripe gaming market that has been stifled due to a lack of innovation.

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About PolkaCipher

PolkaCipher is a Polkadot-based privacy-preserving oracle network focused on bringing the use case of private NFTs to off-chain businesses and being a bridge for seamless integration to on-chain DeFi apps.

PolkaCipher’s unique offerings help push the use-case of the NFTs in real-world scenarios while still being connected to a cross-chain network that is fair and accurate. PolkaCipher intends to achieve business goals by helping users transact privately and securely using NFTs as a mode of access to different decentralized apps (dapps) and real-world businesses.

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Cross Chain Privacy-Preserving Oracle Network Built on Polkadot Network