PolkaCipher Monthly Digest — September

Yippeee! Welcome to October, and we hope you’re enjoying the NFT Summer. As is our tradition, we wouldn’t officially start a new month without first reeling to you the highlights of the previous month and what your favourite privacy-focused, cross-chain NFT ecosystem, and your surefire to the Metaverse achieved the previous month.

Without much ado, let’s jump into the highlights of September.

NFTzie launch 🥳

To keep the embers of the NFTs Summer fires burning, we launched NFTzie.com, the industry’s first ecosystem with vast tools and a cross-chain NFT marketplace for digital collectors, creators, and businesses looking to delve into the Metaverse.

Think of it like your one-stop shop for anything NFTs and your sure-fire way to search, collect, mint, trade, in fact, do anything with your digital assets.

We love simplicity hence our reason for rolling out NFTzie, which will further help anyone relate with what we are building at PolkaCipher. NFTzie comes with a multi-chain NFT explorer, functioning just like the Google for NFT, with more data metrics, mass NFT bridge, and minting directly to any NFT marketplace of your choice.

You know we’ve been building amazing products like some of the proprietary NFT products such as bNFT (business-focused NFTs), Encrypted NFTs (privacy), Interactive NFTs, On-chain royalties enabled NFTs, Teams, Metaverse events tickets, and much more.

The Metaverse is becoming everyone’s present-day reality, and we are ambitious to make NFTzie the gateway for their digital collectibles.

Let’s team up and join forces to push NFTzie to the forefront!

CPHR on a top 10 exchange — Gate.io 🎉

Drum rolls! You can now trade CPHR on Gate.io, one of the top 10 most traded exchanges by daily trade volume, up to $1 billion daily. Gate.io has been operating for more than eight years and has over 4 million users visiting the exchange from 150 countries.

CPHR/USDT trading commenced on September 28, 4:00 AM UTC, with withdrawals now activated. If you love to trade on a CEX, then head over to Gate.io to take advantage of its robust liquidity and friendly UI together with 4 million others and trade CPHR.

We are expanding our team 💪

So we’ve been out shopping for new talents at PolkaCipher. Hence, we added new blood in our marketing team to help with communicating our products more effectively. So expect some improvements in this area in the coming weeks.

Product development is also taking a massive boost as we onboarded three more devs — two Frontend and one Data Engineer into the team. These devs depending on their specialisation, are proficient in Solidity while others Rust whiz.

Building an ambitious privacy-first and decentralised ecosystem like PolkaCipher demands that we keep attracting great talents from diverse parts of the world with strong organisational culture.

Would you love to join an Ace team like PolkaCipher? Be on the lookout, and check our career page for more info.

New learning resources at PolkaCipher 🤓

How well do you know about NFTs and the Metaverse? We released two new articles to help with your learning experience as you keep interacting with PolkaCipher’s ecosystem.

Learn Why privacy will play a huge role in the future of DeFi and see how PolkaCipher is primed to make a difference in this area.

You can also Learn Why Privacy-Preserving and Cross-Chain Commercialised NFTs are a Paradigm Shift.

What to expect this October

Something big is coming! Yes, we have in store for you.

  • Lots of giveaways — who doesn’t love giveaways? We do! So get your wallets ready.
  • New product release. We’ve been building behind the scenes with our new hires. Wait for it! It promises to be huge.

Have you joined our growing community? We cherish your presence and support all the way. Join us!

About PolkaCipher

PolkaCipher is a privacy-preserving oracle network on the Polkadot Blockchain focused on bringing the use case of private NFTs to off-chain businesses and be a bridge for seamless integration to on-chain Defi apps.

PolkaCipher’s unique offerings help push the use-cases of the NFTs in real-world scenarios while still being connected to a cross-chain network that is fair and accurate. PolkaCipher intends to achieve business goals by helping users transact privately and securely using NFTs as a mode of access to different decentralized apps (Dapps) and real-world business rewards.

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Cross Chain Privacy-Preserving Oracle Network Built on Polkadot Network

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Cross Chain Privacy-Preserving Oracle Network Built on Polkadot Network

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