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Polkacipher’s 90-day report and what more to expect

4 min readOct 27, 2021


It’s been a little over 90 days since we listed on Panacakswap DEX and launched the $CPHR LP Staking and Tokens Staking program on Truss. Since then we have been on an epic sprint, pouring hundreds of manpower hours into building a widely accessible yet ambitious chain agnostic protocol for a booming metaverse. Here’s a quick primer of what we’ve been up to and what next to expect from Polkacipher.

Hundreds of man-hours spent developing tools for the Metaverse enablement

PolkaCipher’s core mission is to make NFTs more accessible to businesses and focus on the commercialization of NFTs through our privacy layer that will enable not only businesses but users to be able to transact NFTs privately. The ironclad use cases of Polkacipher’s proprietary technology have naturally gravitated investors and partners looking to leverage our suite of cross-chain tools as well as attracting, a global top 10 exchange where $CPHR is currently listed and trading with huge volume. You can hop in to join the ongoing PolkaCipher (CPHR) Trading Competition & $21,000 Unmissable Rewards

To meet up with most of our partners’ demands, we scaled up our team adding two versatile frontend developers, one data engineer, and a content & communications strategist. We are equally looking at branching out with a full marketing and strategy team with physical offices set up in Spain, the Philipines, and the subcontinent of India. And since our Pancakeswap listing our team have poured in over 123 hours to launch:


Head over to and launch yourself into the industry’s first ecosystem with vast tools and a cross-chain NFT marketplace for digital collectors, creators, and businesses looking to delve into and anchor deep in the Metaverse. Put simply, it’s a one-stop-shop for anything NFTs and your sure-fire way to search, collect, mint, trade, do anything with your digital assets. And without any time, players within the space such as Rage.Fan, Lil Moon Rockets, Women’s Rights, Formless are among the first to set sail to use expand their userbase and platform utility through our cross-chain bridge.

Investor vesting dashboard & native staking on Truss platform

As you may already know, we smashed our funding goals through oversubscribed seed & private rounds and a hot IDO in which we raised $2.3 million and $2.23 million respectively. We went ahead to build an investor vesting dashboard to help our investors and community who invested in these rounds to connect and claim their tokens in a highly transparent manner.

Since we launched our staking program on Truss, 17,459,388 CPHR have been staked with

16,666 CPHR distributed as staking rewards per day.

10,949.848 CPHR LP Tokens have been staked with 6,666 CPHR paid out daily on Truss Platform as well.

Furiously edging towards a monster multichain ecosystem

If we say multi-chain, we mean multi-chain in every sense of it! For NFTzie to truly be at the epicenter of the Metaverse, Polkacipher’s cross-chain oracle must be able to support both legacy blockchain networks and the newer networks racing against time to capture enough value.

EVM compatible chains like Polygon, BSC, and Avalanche are already well entrenched within the industry. NFTzie currently supports Ethereum, Polygon (see details of our Polygon integration announcement), and Binance Smart Chain — the trio of which are the most active DeFi networks.

We are looking at achieving not only cross-chain but also cross-layer interoperability with Polkacipher. In the coming weeks, Polkacipher will be rolling out support for HECO, SOL, OKEx Chain, Avalanche C-Chain, Xdai, Fantom, and Arbitrum.

As we are already a forward-looking team with a keen eye on the booming NFT sector, we will also be rolling out support for ERC1155 for all the chains supported on Polkacipher, facilitating a more robust experience for our bridge and cross-chain oracle users.

NFTexplorer and business logic enabled NFTs — bNFTs are also top on our list for the next product update. For a comprehensive use-case of bNFTs and a suite of our products, check here.

Finally, as we stated in one of our previous product updates, NFTzie allows users to mint an NFT to test out the bridge as a demo. That feature will now be available for live single and mass minting both for ERC 721 and 1155 NFTs as soon as we implement the mass minting feature in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more info on this.

New leader, same vision

As we move towards scaling the PolkaCipher ecosystem, Tim has taken a more substantial role to allow for the rapid growth of PolkaCipher’s ecosystem aimed at real-world businesses as well as DeFi.

Henceforth, Tim, therefore, steps in as chairman, proactively overseeing everything at PolkaCipher, NFTzie, and any other products we launch now and in the future with CPHR as a core utility access.

Effective immediately, Akhil, the current Co-founder & Director of Operations steps in as the CEO of PolkaCipher to work closely with Tim and the businesses they look to onboard.

About PolkaCipher

PolkaCipher is a privacy-preserving oracle network on the Polkadot Blockchain focused on bringing the use case of private NFTs to off-chain businesses and being a bridge for seamless integration to on-chain Defi apps.

PolkaCipher’s unique offerings help push the use-cases of the NFTs in real-world scenarios while still being connected to a cross-chain network that is fair and accurate. PolkaCipher intends to achieve business goals by helping users transact privately and securely using NFTs as a mode of access to different decentralized apps (Dapps) and real-world business rewards.

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